How Do I Choose The Right Mattress For My Child?

Parents are often very demanding when it comes to choosing what time to go to bed and what the right mattress for their baby, they want the best for this newborn fragile little creature and they want a quality mattress to ensure a better sleep.

But strangely enough, choosing a good mattress becomes more difficult when the baby changes beds and goes to a nursery. The choice is limited and information is scarce. Do not think that when children grow up and sleep through the night, the quality of the mattress is less important!

The choice of a child’s mattress is as important as for a baby, your child will use it on average from 3 to 15 years old. During this time it will double in size and its weight will increase considerably, so a quality mattress is essential.

Choose a child mattress with sufficient density and thickness.

In fact, a child uses its crib until it is at least 15 years old, its weight can increase significantly during puberty, which is why we recommend a mattress with a density between 25 kg/m3 and 28kg/m3.

On a child’s mattress the correct thickness is between 16 and 20 cm. A thicker thickness would not provide additional comfort and the mattress could protrude over the bed frame.

Below this thickness, however, the mattress would be uncomfortable and damaged too quickly.

Prefer child mattresses made of breathable materials.

Whether for babies, children or adults, the sleep quality will always be better on a natural fibre mattress. Indeed, it is always healthier to sleep on a natural mattress than on petrochemical derivatives.

We carefully select the materials that make up our mattresses, as they are naturally antibacterial and anti-mite. Our children’s mattresses are therefore fully guaranteed and Öeko-Tex certified without chemical treatment.

All our mattresses are removable and the cover is machine washable to provide a healthier sleep day after day (regular washing of the cover is much more effective and natural than chemical anti-mite treatment).

The various advantages of our children’s mattresses made of natural materials:

The Aloe Vera
Mattress This is the best value for money child mattress. The core is made of a semi-solid polyurethane foam recommended by pediatricians and the cover is made of polyester (which allows to pass the fire safety standard without chemical treatment).

The ticking of this mattress is covered with aloe vera, a natural substance that is particularly interesting for sensitive skin. Aloe Vera is a plant whose juice has calming and healing properties that are completely natural.

The ActiveClim mattress

This mattress regulates the temperature thanks to its Tencel® cover. The polyurethane foam core is semi-solid for ideal and comfortable positioning.

The cover is 60% Tencel®, a material made of eucalyptus pulp with natural cooling properties. Tencel® helps to regulate the temperature for an ideal sleep.

It perfectly wicks away moisture, which naturally limits the proliferation of bacteria and mites. A mattress with Tencel® cover does not require any chemical treatment. The Active Climate mattress is especially suitable for children who sweat a lot during sleep.

The Coco
Latex mattress It is a 100% natural mattress and THE breathable mattress par excellence! Its core is made up of a series of layers of coconut fibre and latex (millefeuille style) which ensure perfect air circulation and a completely natural anti-allergic and antibacterial side.

The mattress cover is made of Tencel® for better temperature regulation. Thanks to the coconut latex mattress for children, children sweat much less than on a classic mattress, they sleep better. A children’s mattress is guaranteed without chemical treatment.

The Latex mattress

A mattress that suits those who love 100% latex. With its perforated latex heart it offers unique comfort and support, and the latex mattress
of the child offers a soft and supple reception and firm support for good back support.

The structure of the latex makes this mattress antibacterial and anti-mite resistant, without any chemical treatment.

The mattress cover is made of Tencel®, it provides the side of the air conditioning to limit the very frequent sweating of children and reduce the number of night watches.

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