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Lecture pays enough attention to the drawing up of the performance plan, writing the script, appearance. But for some reason, he does not consider the presentation, namely its design, something important, and makes it in the end on the fast track.

Usually it looks like this – black text on a white background, and, perhaps, some significant pictures, graphics. But what about the corporate style, beautiful visual design, brand development? And even if a person is very far from the web design, there is a solution – already made by professionals presentation templates.

Which template to choose for presentation of paid services?

If a new paid product or service is planned to be presented at the end of the training or webinar, the slides should lead to this. Let’s consider what you should consider on the example of the Pitch Deck template.

There are about 10-20 slides with neatly implemented product numbering. If you need anything, you can adapt the workpieces to suit your needs:

  • Listing of advantages, values, tariffs;
  • number and description of course blocks;
  • other important information.

A slide with a mountain image will help to show the client’s way from 0 to the first significant results or describe the personal history of the speaker.

How do I set up a presentation template for a serious performance?

If you work as a doctor, chemist, pharmacist or any other medical professional, you know that it’s easy for young professionals to stand out among colleagues during a presentation. To do this, all you have to do is remove leaves, flowers, snakes and other typical symbols from your presentation.

Other secret nuances:

  • Up to 5 colors (main color – white, among others – turquoise, blue, blue, green, gray), which are associated with medicine;
  • 1-2 basic fonts;
  • Careful allocation of important information (especially numbers);
  • Absence of unnecessary details (it is not necessary to insert a photo into each slide for competent presentation of information).

Presentation template for the portfolio

What is the problem of consulting firms or those who want to present their achievements, portfolios? Slide a minimum of 3 completely different projects into 1 slide, than confuse the audience.

They’re gonna save you from failure with templates like Business Pack. He will solve a number of tasks to prepare for the presentation of a new product for online calls to the bosses, investors, potential partners, or before direct advertising. No longer have to puzzle over how to submit standard information. What should be in the presentation-portfolio:

  • about the team that is working on the project (with a photo, full name, basic information);
  • Portfolio – more than 10 options (e.g. pictures with a short 1-line signature or a photo with a detailed description at the side);
  • sequence of actions, step-by-step work planning, number of work steps;
  • Calendar of work by date;
  • Numerical indicators (important for demonstrating growth, development);
  • Charts and diagrams (circular, bar, hierarchical);
  • lists;
  • Tariffs, prices, etc.

Presentation template for internet marketer

The main problem is to create a presentation for an internet marketer or to explain the tools, functions and subtleties of marketing in the complexity of information. It is very easy to present the material about analytics, work with volumetric data or analysis of competitors’ activity. The presentation, in this case, is necessary to simplify everything:

  • Enter digits in the form of charts, diagrams or schemes;
  • step-by-step instructions – in the form of hierarchical structures;
  • Screenshots from chat bots or correspondence with clients – not just pictures, but images in the phone (for greater reality).

To edit the information, you only need PowerPoint from 2003. You can change, delete, add items to slides.

How to adjust the presentation template to the corporate colors?

Are the company’s corporate colors pink and purple or green and blue? Congratulations, you do not need to order the design of the presentation from designers every time. All problems with the design of text material will be solved with the help of the Ethice template:

Control the amount of information on the slide. The template restricts this, which makes it necessary to publish only the most important thoughts. The rule of good performance is not to duplicate 100% of the text that you want to speak in order not to lose the attention of listeners.

The palette of the presentation consists not of 1 color (too boring and banal), but of 5 carefully selected shades. Looks beautiful and stylish.

Help in structuring the information. Ready-made slide templates can inspire you to add important data that you accidentally forgot about when preparing your performance script. Another option is to create a template that will help you think of the best way to present the material – in the form of text, images, graphics, tables.

How do you get away from a presentation you’ve had?

The use of standard PowerPoint presentation themes will only take place on the first, maybe the second presentation. Further it can negatively affect the feedback and reputation of the project (economy on design, which is perceived by the client as humiliation and disrespect for paid lectures).

And when more than 100 unique slides, about 6500 vector icons (i.e., they can be reduced and enlarged to any size without loss of quality), more than 90 trendy colors are at your disposal, the preparation for the lecture turns from dull routine into creativity and meditation. So we advise you to get a large set of starting templates.

Are you familiar with the feeling that when you make your 10th or 100th presentation in a row and built-in SmartArt, fonts start to irritate and kill creativity? Sometimes you get tired of looking for beautiful images of a brain divided into main parts, or a cube, a map, and also a png format (to have a transparent background).

At such moments saves quality infographics, where one click can remove the detail, change its size, location or color. The PowerPoint Infographic Presentation Pack template contains more than 100 original slide presets, inspiring you to create a unique presentation from your dreams in just 1-2 pm.

PowerPoint templates in a minimalistic style

There are such types of performances, where super cool design with animation or millions of different transitions will be inappropriate and even spoil the impression of a lecturer.

That’s why templates are created in a minimalistic style, where the slide has only a scheme, diagram, picture and short text-explanation. But it looks quite decent and professional for 3 reasons:

  • a well-coordinated range of colors;
  • the same font, and important information is highlighted only in bold or in one of the shades of the selected palette;
  • There is no need to add unnecessary pictures, after which the meaning of what has been said is lost.

It happens that you want to put a lot of slides in the presentation with just one word or short phrase (for motivation, concise explanation or for fun), but that it does not look ridiculous.

Or just insert a picture, a hyphen without any extra words. Omar Modern Business will help you to solve such difficulties and be confident in your online performance.