About Us

Work in the online environment is gaining in popularity and demand, which is not surprising. Almost every business strives, if not to create a full-fledged resource for earning money on the Internet, then, at least, to have it in the form of small sites of business cards.

Anyway, such services must be created, filled, maintained, and often – and often – and engage in promotion in search engines. It is clear that the owner of the business to deal with such issues is unlikely to become, because he has a lot of other, more important tasks. In this case, it is necessary to find specialists to perform the tasks, because they require knowledge in their segment, as well as take time and effort.

To help in this case, come web studios that can close the maximum number of requests that are associated with Internet resources.

Key activities of the web agency

The agency is attractive to the client, as it provides services in all areas that are necessary for the full functioning of the online resource – from creation to support and promotion.

The web agency has a number of advantages over the employees hired by the company:

  • closes all tasks
  • There is no need to hire an employee, pay taxes and provide him/her with a job
  • you don’t have to hire a lot of specialists to shut down all directions
  • the process will not stop if the employee goes on vacation or sick leave
  • it’s more profitable to contract with an agency than to hire everyone in your staff.
  • The agency values its reputation and performs tasks of high quality

Due to a number of such advantages, the work of the web studio staff is a lot, and the staff is constantly expanding. Such companies are growing rapidly, and the management is interested in the constant development of its specialists, as this directly affects the quality of the result.

Working in a web studio or freelance

If you are a specialist in your field, you have the opportunity to work independently on the freelance or in a team of web studios.

Choosing a freelance, he brings such advantages:

  • Set your own working hours
  • the scope of the tasks depends only on the desire
  • You set the cost of performing the tasks yourself

But here there are also disadvantages in the form of unsteady flow of orders (all at once or nothing), it is impossible to regulate the earnings (no orders – no money), there is no possibility to go on paid vacation or on sick leave (money in this period will not be able to earn at all).

In addition, for freelance needs a high level of self-organization to find time for routine business to fully work, which brings the main income.

Choosing a job at a digital agency and becoming an employee of it, you get:

  • normalized working day
  • weekends, vacations and sick leave.
  • friendly team
  • ongoing challenges
  • trainings and other directions of own development
  • stable income

Working in a web studio is an opportunity to unlock your potential, to be part of a team of like-minded people, and also to find new friends and take part in corporate events. A freelancer does not have such an opportunity.

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