Licensed Software

Optimization of corporate costs sometimes leads to unpredictable consequences. And one of the articles of economy most often becomes the license software which refusal IT-department tries to achieve visible economy of means. But in aspiration to save, the large companies often forget that sparing pays twice.

And the legal responsibility for the use of copies of the original software has not yet been abolished. However, in a dispute about expediency of use of the licence software the common sense traditionally wins. After all, in addition to the arguments concerning the legality of such software, there are other factors that can affect the choice of the consumer.

But to begin with, it is necessary to deal with the very notion of “license”. In fact, any software product purchased by a user (corporate or private) implies obtaining a license – the right to use, which is not exclusive. In the case of an organization, it is usually necessary to buy not one license, but a number of copies of it.

Their number depends entirely on how much equipment is planned to be used. However, everything depends on the type of license agreement. In some cases, it provides for the possibility of reinstalling the license on other devices, multiple installations within one license, the need to “manually” run the software, etc.

The license software is protected by law and restricts authorized distribution of copies to the moments specified in the license agreement. Any unauthorized use of the Software may have consequences, up to and including criminal liability.

Software with a license: to be or not to be

The traditional risk dilemma of Shakespeare’s tragedies remains valid to this day. It is possible to search infinitely for beautiful arguments and to result in not supported arguments, and it is possible to pay attention to the facts simply. And they are such:


According to statistics, companies using licensed software are twice as likely to experience problems with the operation of local systems. The risk of equipment failures is also reduced by 3 times. And data recovery in a situation, if a failure has occurred, in the case of licensed software takes much less time.

And the scale of losses will be incomparable with those that can give “cheap software” of unclear origin. Not ready to save on safety? Address in the company “BitProfi” and order services in installation and adjustment of the software from the present professionals of the business.

Economic viability

The economic risks have not been cancelled. If you put aside the emotions, any failure in the system costs the company a certain amount. As practice shows, for organizations using licensed software, the average “cost” of problems in the operation of network equipment is about 5 000 USD.

If the organisation trusts the doubtful software the scales of losses will be incommensurable, expenses on the average will grow twice, on the contrary destroying the main argument of opponents of a license software about “cheapness” of copies.


When you buy licensed software, you get not only a fully functional package of programs with valid security certificates and the necessary set of features. In addition, you get access to a whole range of solutions to minimize risks in case of problems.

Address in service services of the developer, presence of possibilities for restoration of the data – all it is already included into base possibilities of the owner of a license software. What do fans of economy get for their money?

One-time “pacifier”, which at the first failure may require replacement. As a result, and without that not too global difference in the price is reduced to zero, and even it appears at all not in favour of risky purchases.

Licensed software: obvious advantages

What corporate and private users get when they install licensed software:

  • Installing and configuring the software in the shortest possible time;
  • The ability to update software when new, improved/fixed versions are released;
  • full quality assurance of the purchased product;
  • reliable data protection;
  • possibility to use modern developments and the latest solutions;
  • Absence of legal and financial risks related to software quality control.

Of course, a lot depends on the professionalism of IT specialists serving the organization. Company “BitProfi” offers to the clients services in installation and adjustment of the license software and guarantees exclusive quality of service and safety at any stage of works.

Use of licensed software – guarantee of legal security

The company’s activities reflected in the internal corporate document flow, including electronic document flow, are commercial secrets, the preservation of which falls on IT specialists. And the only way to protect your data is to use licensed software, which allows you to get a high level of security from the very beginning.

But, besides maintenance of corporate safety, there are also other advantages of the license software. In particular, any check of observance of copyrights (which is spent by law-enforcement bodies) will not bring the company anything, except small loss of time.

But for those who chose to save money, any such check can result not only in imposing penalties, but also in the seizure of equipment – along with all the data.

Software with commercial or free licenses

All software released to the market can be conditionally divided into several main categories:

  • open source software – released on the terms of free access, with open source code (available not only for use, but also for modification and a number of other actions);
  • freeware is distributed on a non-commercial basis, with closed source code and no modification allowed;
  • shareware – conditionally free software distributed in a functionally truncated version with an opportunity to get access to the full set of functions/updates for an additional fee in favor of the developer;
  • registerware – which requires a registration procedure to get access to the software;
  • adware – software distributed free of charge, but necessarily includes a mechanism of demonstration of advertising content to users;
  • commercial software – proprietary software with a commercial type of license distributed only on the terms of advance payment.

When choosing between software that is free to distribute and solely commercial options, security should not be forgotten. Software distributed under the terms of public domain generally has much lower security features.

And the risks of getting a Trojan attack or spyware in the case of purchasing legal software are almost zero.

For this reason experts of the company “BitProfi” recommend for corporate clients and the organisations installation only the qualitative licence software guaranteeing preservation of due level of safety for the equipment and the data of the company.

Licensed software: a reasonable choice for organizations and business representatives

Even when purchasing licensed software, you should make sure that it is installed and configured by professionals.

Errors and elementary ignorance of some aspects of installation can manage to manage for nonspecialists too expensively, especially if it is a question of licensed corporate products in cost of some thousand dollars.

Not to mention that adjustment of separate software products (accounting, payment, accounting programs, warehouse components, etc.) and debugging of their interaction with the system of the organization can demand special knowledge and experience.

Experts of company are ready to offer you the simple decision of difficult problems. Installation and configuration of software will not become a problem for you with us.

And high professionalism of our experts will provide reliability and safety of the software established in office or at the enterprise for long term prospect, both within the limits of subscriber service of computers, and at rendering of services uniquely.